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Ares PCIe NVMe MLC Solid State Drive

Capacity: 256 GB

Seq.Read(up to): 1400MB/S

Seq.Write(up to): 600MB/S

 NVMe Driver for Windows 7

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Next Level Speeds

PCI-E 3.0 x 4 NVMe 1.2

Top-Notch MLC Flash

With TBW (Terabytes Written) up to 350TB, your data would be surely secured.

Your Dreaming Desk Setup

Aluminium alloy case with attractive design and blue breathing effect.

Specs & Details

Warranty Information: 3-Year Limited Warranty

Available Capacities


Seq.Read(up to)


Seq.Write(up to)


Random.Read(up to)

100k IOPS

Random.Write(up to)

150k IOPS


182mm x 121.04mm x 22.39mm



Form Factor


Operating Temperature

0℃ to 70℃

Storage Temperature

-45℃ to 80℃




  • PCIe Interface: Next gen interface pushes the overall performance to another level. Read up to 1400MB/S, Write up to 600MB/S.

  • MLC Flash: Provides stable and fast operating experience with much longer lifetime. TBW: 350TB.

  • Ultimate Enjoyment: Help users get the fastest computing experience without a second of lag, freeze and stutter. Read 4k IOPS up to 100k, Write 4k IOPS up to 150k.

  • Bonus Features: Uses independent capacitors to secure data when lose power, aluminum alloy for better heat dissipation and blue breathing effect for desk setup.