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10-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Any Reason

You may return your undamaged product and packaging within 10 days of purchase to receive a FULL REFUND for any reason. If the reason for return isn't quality-related, the customer must pay the return shipping costs.

Warranty for Quality-Related Issues

We will take care of all quality-related issues. Please contact the retailer directly for a better service. Please note: Any provided shipping labels must be used within 20 days of purchase.

Unauthorized reselling of DREVO products is strictly prohibited.



1. How long is my Limited Warranty?

You are eligible for Limited Warranty support for the following periods of time commencing upon the date of retail purchase of your Product (“Warranty Period”):

DREVO SSD - 3 years

DREVO Mechanical Keyboards - 1 year

2. What isn't covered by the warranty?

  • Purchases from unauthorized resellers
  • Improperly operated devices
  • Lost or stolen products
  • Purchases made over warranty date (unless otherwise stated)
  • Non quality-related issues (after 10 days of purchase)
  • Consumables (such as the foot pad, anti-skid stickers, keycaps, etc.) and gift accessories are not under free warranty.
  • Free products

3. When does the warranty begin?

It begins the day you place your order.

4. How do I claim the warranty?

Before submitting a warranty claim, please refer to the specific FAQs for your product and attempt all troubleshooting suggestions.

If you believe the item is defective and under warranty, please submit a Return or Exchange request on the product’s support page, or contact us at

5. What is a valid proof of purchase?

An Amazon order number or eBay username for a purchase made through an authorized DREVO Reseller

6. What if I don't have any proof of purchase?

  • If you made your purchase through an authorized DREVO Reseller, you may contact the Reseller to see if they can provide a copy of your receipt.
  • If the product was a gift, you may ask the giver to provide you with a copy of the receipt or claim the warranty on your behalf.

7. Will the warranty be renewed if my product is replaced?

The warranty continues from the date of your original purchase. It won’t be renewed after a replacement has been provided.