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About us


Founded by a group of Gamers, Programmers and Designers, DREVO is a young brand which focuses on gaming PC components, peripherals and accessories products. With the purpose of exploring new technology, new workmanship and providing a new experience, we continuously create super cool tech products. "Game With Cool Tech" is our slogan. DREVO is working hard to provide the ultimate gaming experience for each global customer.

Simplify for Greater Fun

“No added hassle, pure gaming fun” is a consensus here. DREVO is working hard to convince everyone that it is very simple to have fun with gaming. The R&D team at DREVO don’t just design products, they design experiences. Each and every detail is crafted after some well-designed research based on user requirements.Every product that comes out of our stable undergo strict quality checks to ensure that you have a smooth gaming experience.

Create your own Identity!

The pursuit of individuality is never ending, but DREVO makes it shorter than ever before. Every product launch is backed by comprehensive market surveys to make sure that our products are a step ahead of what is already available in the market. We value our customers like our best friends. If there is any room for improvement to any of our products, you can always contact our employees. Our aim is to come up with products that have an identity in the market and we’ve been successful so far with lots of gamers and DIYers as our loyal fans.

Top notch Hardware, Unbelievable Prices

Many other professional gaming brands are focused on minute details about their products to make gaming a memorable experience. But all this comes at a price, literally! DREVO comes with the exact same reliability of these brands, but the products that we sell are a lot more affordable. This is made possible by our competitive suppliers and highly efficient production management. The other reason is that we sell our products directly through dominant e-commerce platforms. Now, you can get the same hardware that your friends has at a much lower price!