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Keyboard Partner Tools Set – Keycap Puller, O-Ring, Brush

Texture: Silicone, ABS, Steel, Wool

Compatibility: Mechanical Keyboard


Specs & Details


Mechanical Keyboard


Puller Texture: Steel + ABS

Puller Dimension: 120mm*28mm*10mm

Brush Texture: ABS + Wool

Brush Dimension: 110mm*9mm

O-Ring Texture: Silicone

O-Ring Inner Diameter: 6mm

Outer Diameter: 8mm

O-Ring Thickness: 1.5mm


Keystroke sound reduction

Key actuation acceleration

Quick keycaps removal

Keyboard cleaning


1* DREVO Keycap Puller

1* Cleaning Brush

1* 120pcs O-Ring


  • DREVO Keyboard Partner provides you with convenient tools to improve key actuation speed, reduce keyboard sound and maintain keyboard clean.

  • Silicone O-Ring Dampeners can reduce keystroke sound and provide faster actuation with a 1.5 mm thickness; Transparent O-Rings allow backlighting to shine brightly through without obstruction.

  • DREVO Keycap Puller can bent to fit onto every keycap and hold up to 3 keycaps, which will make keycap removal much easier and quicker.

  • Cleaning Brush is made of durable ABS and soft wool. It is great to remove the dust of components and keep the keyboard clean.