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Excalibur 84-Key Full Metal Backlit Edition Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Color: White

Switch: Black/Blue/Brown/Red

Layout: US


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Essential Design

No imitating, no following, 84-key layout is the uniqueness. It's compact and solid

Limitless Satisfaction

Double-Shot ABS keycaps with enhanced texture prevent keys from getting greasy and bring a better feel than normal keycaps

Stunning Beauty

The Excalibur presents a creative design of mechanical keyboards which also has a gorgeous appearance

Various Switches

For each player, whether you have quick reflex or solid play style, we offer paired switches for you to choose.

Specs & Details

Warranty Information: 1-Year Limited Warranty


Length x Width x Height: 320mm x 134mm x 37mm

Weight: 740g±20g

Cord length: 120cm±1cm

System Requirements

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Mac OS


Key Quantity: 84

Connectivity: USB

Function: Anti-ghosting, 6KRO/24KRO

Lighting Effects

Snake marquee

Reactive mode

Advanced reactive mode

Breathing mode

Switch Specs

Black - Operation Force 80±15gf

•Total travel: 4.00mm Pretravel: 2.20±0.6mm

Blue - Operation Force 60±10gf   Tactile force: 60±10gf

•Total travel: 4.00mm Pretravel: 2.20±0.6mm

Brown - Operation Force 60±10gf   Tactile force: 55±15gf

•Total travel: 4.00mm Pretravel: 2.20±0.6mm

Red - Operation Force 60±10gf

•Total travel: 4.00mm Pretravel: 2.20±0.6mm



Keycap puller*1




  • Extraordinary Beauty: Combined with all excellent designs - 84-Key Tenkeyless layout, full metal board and floating-key structure, the Excalibur has created a new fashion for mechanical keyboard.

  • Original Switch: Special Drevo Switch with options include Black / Blue / Brown / Red switches.

  • It will meet customers’ various standards for the mechanical style they prefer.

  • Robust Keycap Sets: Coated with unique texture which delivers the most comfortable and smoothest feels on the touch. Provide the best typing and gaming experience while stay clean and grease-free.

  • Attractive Features: Pure white backlighting with various lighting effects; Anti-Ghosting with 24KRO; Game Mode and Numpad functions (don't work with Mac OS).